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Best Beauty Supply first opened its doors on Rainier Avenue in 1994. Yes, we were next to Safeway and Hollywood Video, oh, the nostaligic memories of pre-Amazon Seattle!  First and foremost, we are extremely grateful for our loyal and amazing customers, some of you have been cruising with us since 1994! Thank you, thank you! Thanks to your support, we are able to work together in creating a healthy and postiive local beauty community, and we are better able to serve your beauty needs through feedback and tips you give us regularly. Ya’ll are keeping us in check! Again, thank you! 

What sets us apart is truly being a One Stop Shop for all your beauty needs. Doing a quick weave? Cap, hair glue, track hair bundles, adhesive protectant, no problem, we have it all. We keep our inventory fresh, and every item inside the store is highly curated, so that we save you the trouble of being overwhelmed by seeing a million different types of the same item. You don't know who's selling the product, if it's really what it's stating, and so forth. No worries, we do the picking for you, and you can trust us! Our inventory is regularly monitored and quality control checked, so you are buying what you pay for at Best Beauty Supply x Mane Hair Bundles. Quality, service, and happy customers mean everything to us. 

Again, thank you for working with us and allowing us to serve your beauty needs since 1994. We truly have fun doing what we do, putting a smile on your face, and vice versa. :) Hope you love our new hair bundles! 

Xoxo, Team Mane Hair Bundles x Best Beauty Supply.

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